Adding Facebook Elements to WordPress pages

Add Facebook social elements to a WordPress page. Can be added using 2 methods, iFrame and Javascript SDK. No need for a plugin.

Make sure you add the header.php file to your child theme to make it update proof.

Elements that can be added

  • Save Button
  • Like, Share, Send, & Quote
  • Embedded Posts & Video Player
  • Page Plugin
  • Comments
  • Follow Button


Visit the page for the most up to date instructions and to personalise to your own Facebook account. Height and width can be set as well as other tweeks.

Add Facebook Elements to WordPress pages

Step 1
Go to, and click “Documentation” and then “Social Plugins.”
Step 2
Click “Like Box.”
Step 3
Type the URL of your Facebook page in the box indicated, and set other preferences, such as width and color scheme. The width must be less than the width of your sidebar, which depends on your individual WordPress settings.
Step 4
Click the box next to “Show Stream” if it’s not already selected. This is the most important preference, as it displays your Facebook page’s feed.
Step 5
Click “Get Code” when you are happy with how your feed looks. Right-click the highlighted text, and select “Copy.”
Step 6
Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, and click “Widgets” under “Appearance.”
Step 7
Click, hold and drag the “Text” widget to your sidebar.
Step 8
Right-click in the text box, and select “Paste” to insert the code; then click “Save.”