Google is concerned about mobile friendly your site is, you should be too.

Google has let us know on many occasions they are focusing on mobile friendliness of a site.

Its a no brainer though as more and more people turn to their mobile phones to access the internet. At the end of 2015 Google announced there were more searches done on mobile phones than desktops. One would expect this figure to increase, although how significantly is hard to say. I for one, prefer my 27″ Mac for all things internet, but I am a web developer and do sit in front of a screen for [too] many hours a day.

Whatever your preference, its important to listen to these figures, whether you sell online or create websites for others. A mobile design differs drastically from a desktop design. For obvious reasons, how information is displayed is crucial. Larger desktops are forgiving, but on mobiles, those few inches of screen real estate are super important. Think carefully what goes at the top of the page and entice your visitors on mobiles to delve deeper into the website.

Design is not the only factor to think about. Speed on mobile devices is another crucial factor as well as how your sites functions work. Not all desktop functions work the same on mobile devices. Remember to test on every platform you can.

Google does its bit too by not only supplying the information on what they are looking for, but also puts the tools out there to help. The best tool being Google Analytics of course, but today I stumbled across their new tool designed specifically to test your mobile design. Trendy look ing site too. Check out the tool here at