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WordPress helpfull links

I've created this section to share the link I find and use daily that help developing WordPress websites so much easier. Its also a great reference for me to revisit when creating new WordPress websites.

I hope you find it useful, but please remember, Four Foot Websites cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by following any of these instructions. Its always best to try these out in a testing environment before applying to live websites. The information that finds its way to these pages has been used successfully when I have developed a WordPress website though.

Please do feel free to let me know of any outdated or incorrect information. Cheers.....Miles

Resetting your WordPress password via FTP, mySQL, admin and email -

Encode html, php etc to make it viewable in WordPress Posts and Pages Source:

Head over to one of the tools on the web that can encode the HTML tags such as Postable or HTML Encoder. Paste your code in their input box and encode it, or in other words make it WordPress Post friendly. This should not execute the code either.